Colton haynes and skyler samuels dating

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Colton haynes and skyler samuels dating

Really, no one on this show has much talent except Stiles and the chick who plays Lydia, in both cases probably because they were the only two younger "Teen Wolf" actors not hired on looks alone.

R15 is delusional: Colton's rumored pairing with Lauren Conrad was on the cover of "Us Weekly" last year, for fuck's sake!

Kudos.[quote] I judge Colton because he allowed his first big job he booked to be attacked as child pornography just because he didn't want to be seen kissing a dude.

You don't know that Colton had anything to do with hiring the lawyer and you really don't know that Colton approved of the language.

Even if the rumor is true, the need to bring it up every time his name appears shows some kind of personal animosity.

He's in a difficult position, not wanting to make an official statement yet not wanting to lie. R17, I wouldn't mind if that's all it was but he allowed his people to go around threatening people over the photos. I seem to recall the situation with the release form for the homoerotic pictures was tricky, because Colton's mom signed them so Colton could pose (and get paid? There's no doubt Colton is ambitious and sadly to this day being openly gay can hinder your career and it seems Colton has not enough trust in himself to believe that he can have a successful career as an openly gay actor. Many people know about them, and there are even threads discussing them on Colton's IMDB board. Those XY pictures had always been around, including when he was cast on the Gates.

The lawyer would have the duty to keep the manager generally informed about his progress, but he would not be obliged to have a routine letter approved before sending it.

Anyone else shocked at how good he is on Teen Wolf? So you think every gay actor has an obligation to make sure everyone knows he is gay? Was Colton partly blamed behind the scenes for the cancelation of The Gates because that's when the pictures (re)surfaced?

He's arguably the best actor on the show (maybe Dylan is as good) and he makes his absolutely terrible character oddly sympathetic. If not, what does "letting viewers think he is straight" mean? They weren't naked, they weren't having sex, it wasn't porn. Though he got the Teen Wolf role 'right away', but this time someone from his team made a stink about the pictures to be taken off the internet. They may be able to fool some of the straight teenage girls out there, but the photos are still online on many sites.

I don't really give a damn that he was an escort, pointing out someones slutty past doesn't imply judgement or some personal hate for the dude.

Also "I'm everyones type", he delivered that line so well I busted out laughing.

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Someone associated with him tried to get some pictures off the internet and used some harsh language. He clearly is letting the viewers, particularly women, think he is straight and not gay.

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