Christian views on dating and courtship

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Christian views on dating and courtship

What role can and should family play in helping someone overcome AUD (Alcohol Use Disorder)? As Pastor begins discussing the topic of drugs he defines several types of drugs and the common categories of drug users. What are warning signs that a family member or friend may be using drugs? How can the guilty party speed up the recovery process? What is the role of forgiveness and how do you grant it? How much should we worry about offending another Christian with our position on gray areas?

Some of the other things discussed include: Is it ethical to drug test your child? Why is there so much confusion about the use and benefits of marijuana? What advice do you have for pastors who are counseling couples who have had an affair? What responses should I avoid if I find out that my spouse is having an affair?

What happens when a denomination adds to these doctrines?

Can I be a Christian if I don't believe all the doctrines of Christianity?

These are just some of the questions that Pastor Murphy answers from the Bible. Are there conflicting passages in the Bible in relation to Eternal Security? Pastor Murphy gives us a thorough overview of TM by answering the following questions along with many others. How is it that so many Eastern religions and philosophies are getting rooted in the West? Listen as Pastor Murphy shares Biblical principles and verses about the key teachings of this religious movement. What is the structure and organization of the SDA church? White, and why are her writings important to the church? Listen as we review our definition of a Cult and discuss this religion with Pastor/Dr.

What guidelines should we use when finding the meaning of a difficult passage such as Hebrews 6: 4-6? Enjoy listening to this very informative episode as Pastor Murphy explains many of the core doctrines of Islam and how they compare to the Bible. These are just a few of the many questions that are boldly and clearly answered from the Bible. Why does the Catholic church put such an emphasis on the crucifix rather than the cross? What is wrong with the Catholic church's view of Mary? David Murphy answers these questions along with many others. David Murphy discuss the history of the Roman Catholic Church. David Murphy discusses these questions along with many others.

Would the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible be pornographic? What's being celebrated at a Caribbean carnival? Each of these movements emphasize the use of spiritual gifts given by the Holy Spirit. David Murphy discusses these movements and their focus on minor spiritual gifts. If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How does God judge the world because of homosexuality? Should Christians be disgusted by the homosexual or try to win them to Christ? If a couple knows that they can't have children should they still get married? How should a Christian deal with a homosexual friend? What should the attitude of Christians be toward sodomy, homosexuality, or same-sex marriage?

Would the book of Song of Solomon in the Bible be pornographic?

What should the church do if the government pushes homosexuality in the church? How should the Christian react to government changing buggery and marriage laws? Will legalization of same-sex marriage come to the Caribbean?

What are the fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith?

How does gambling affect the social life of a nation?

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Is it ok if a Christian watches pornography with their spouse?