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Chastity abstinence and dating

A good friend is one who shows up when we need them Read more…

I would like to propose that us modern-day women have made a grievous mistake.

Nothing brings us to despair faster than a sense of meaninglessness, a lack of purpose in our lives. This verb seems to have been misplaced from the modern-day vocabulary.

Sometimes I think God teaches us to obey Him with the small stuff, so He can prepare us to obey Him with the big stuff. As humans, we often get caught up on what we want out of life. It is an unfortunate reality that we live in a society that sexualizes everything and glorifies instant gratification.

I’ve discerned religious life, gone on dating fasts and discerned what God is calling me to. I promise that I’m still breathing and have not spontaneously combusted. I’m just aware that God is calling me to a vocation to marriage, and now it’s time to act. I was recently interested in a guy who I was spending a lot of one-on-one time with.

I felt the need to let him know that I was interested in him, even though I knew that Read more…

My church, along with the Blessed Sacrament, has Read more… Some are as small as deciding what shoes to wear or what we will eat for breakfast. A few nights ago, I was curled up on the couch scrolling through Pinterest as my mom watched reruns of The Pacific, a TV series that follows the lives of soldiers who fought in World War II.

In this episode, one of the soldiers, dressed in uniform, walked over to the house next door and proceeded to ask his love interest on Read more… ” With these fears, I became timid, safe, and distant in my relationships.

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In this blog I’d like to share a huge lesson that I have learned through my own life experience and Read more…

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