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Cat marnell school of dating

Beauty, oodles of money, and a daddy to write all of your Schedule I scripts doesn’t make being white and wealthy seem like an advantage.

She had/has all the money and enabling that any drug addict could crave, but she never skated through.

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Freud would have a field day with her mommy-daddy issues.

“I don’t think anyone really reached out to help me,” she said. Unique is always good." Marnell’s voice is original.

“Or, if they did, I certainly didn’t respond or remember it. She’s startlingly honest and writes things nobody should.

Her self-effacing humor, tough-chick persona, and streetwise lingo are entertaining, yet uncomfortably remind me of my defenses pre-recovery, before others taught me how to love myself. Born with beauty, brains and advantages, this woman-child is a perfect example of “white-girl privilege.” Yet, she is also an ideal illustration of how little your station in life matters when your brain coils are misfiring.

Despite her privileged circumstances—or perhaps because of them—her psyche is damaged.

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It’s well known that Marnell has built her brand by celebrating her train wreck trajectory.

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