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The cost of studying here is lower than in many other locations.

We offer exceptional elementary and secondary schools.

Zoom in to make the offices or red pins appear in order to select one.

Each year, millions of dollars in British Columbia goes unclaimed in dormant credit union accounts, forgotten insurance payments, unclaimed wages, overpayment to debt collectors as well as unclaimed proceeds from courts, tax offices and unadministered estates and intestates (death without a will and next of kin cannot be notified).

Most of the country has adequate forest floor moisture to prevent deep-burning fires, with only southern British Columbia and Alberta, and a small area east of the Great Lakes receptive to lightning activity.

We offer support for international students and for those wishing to learn English as a second language.Our location also benefits both the trucking and rail transportation industries, as most of the goods being shipped through the province, to or from the rest of Canada, are carried on trucks or by train.This section contains information on the department's role in the Pacific Region, our programs, activities and services as well as a brief overview of the transportation industry in British Columbia.A ridge along western North America is driving a northwesterly upper flow across western Canada producing seasonal temperatures and weak moisture pulses, which generate occasional showers and thundershowers.A large storm system sitting on Hudson Bay’s west coast provided plentiful rainfall along the Manitoba/Ontario border, wetting one of this summer’s most stubborn fire-prone areas.

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