Bluescreen while updating itunes 2016 new dating site in thailand

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Bluescreen while updating itunes

I tried to recovery the files, it won't let me to do it.

During the day time you can do other tests on the computer.Aren't you able to view the event log when it is on the desktop?The event log description section is still in a foreign language: Event[897]: Log Name: System Source: ia Stor A Date: 2017-08-27T.255 Event ID: 129 Task: N/A Level: x Opcode: N/A Keyword: NVb N User: N/A User Name: N/A Computer: ENGLISHTREE Description: fo CX \Device\Raid Port0 ɃZbg*s܂B Sometimes there are problems in the bios that produce bsod.It will repetitively produce bsod until the misbehaving drivers are fixed or until it is turned off.You must know how to turn off windows driver verifier.

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same issue persists 1) The bluescreenview and whocrashed were the website links? 2) Make sure that you are not on a metered internet connection. 4) Were there any new attempts to get the event files in English?

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