Benjamin mckenzie dating life

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On June 2, 2017 — Baccarin's 38th birthday — the couple tied the knot in a "small, intimate ceremony" with family and close friends at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.Mc Kenzie talked about the timing of the wedding with talk show host Harry Connick Jr.(via ), "When we wanted to book [the wedding], which was over a year in advance in our defense, the only date available was my wife's birthday …I think she just wants me to be clear that she is going to get a birthday present and there is going to be an anniversary gift and it's a whole week.

"I had a bad dream where I was married to somebody else and I was having an affair with my husband," Baccarin told At the time of the interview, she'd been married in real life to Austin Chick since 2011.That second arrived on March 2, when Baccarin and Mc Kenzie welcomed daughter Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan (which is Mc Kenzie's actual last name).reported that Baccarin flaunted her rock and her new fiancé on the red carpet at the Gotham Independent Film Awards in New York City the same month.The show was canceled while in production on its second season.TNT bought the rights for the show and showed the seven episodes that had been produced. However, the show was once again canceled after the fifth season.

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