Accommodating existing schemas piaget dating in the dark kat

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You point to a train and ask your aunt where the 'buses' are going.

She tells you that what you are pointing at is a train.

Conhecer é usar, modificar, transformar esse objeto, e compreender o processo dessa transformação e, conseqüentemente, compreender o modo como o objeto é construído.

Assim, a operação é que é a essência do conhecimento.

And Piaget said that this happened through the process of assimilation and accommodation.

And we use these schemas as frameworks by which we organize and interpret new information.And we do this by placing this new information in our previously constructed schemas.And as long as it fits, as long as it's consistent with what we already know, then we don't have a problem.But what happens when we run into something that doesn't exactly fit?In that case we're forced to modify our existing schemas.

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Try it risk-free Accommodation is a term developed by Jean Piaget to describe the process in which we modify existing cognitive schemas in order to include new information.